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YOOO welcome to my funky website ! it's currently a work in progress as I learn to code more stuff and also think of what to add lol but I hope you enjoy your time around while you're here ♡
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<a href="https://galactastic.neocities.org/"><img src="https://file.garden/ZWusTtDjIhZcqrhk/neocities/stamps/novasstamp1.gif"></a>
<a href="https://galactastic.neocities.org/"><img src="https://file.garden/ZWusTtDjIhZcqrhk/neocities/stamps/novasstamp2.gif"></a>

【12/3】 Overhauling all images while changing image hosts.

【10/20】 Added the blinkies and stamps page.

【10/16】 I'm not dead! I changed the current songs.

【7/13】 Finally got around to putting an image of my sona on the 'about' page, fixed some custom cursors not working, added 'current songs' to main page, changing up some decor :3 Finished and added the 'cool sites' page.

【7/12】 Added my first shrine page for Tord (Eddsworld) !!

【6/21】 NEW PAGE YAY !! added the games page and a sky: cotl quest tracker (you can get there from the games page :3)

【6/13】 Added the image credits/resources link and finally customized the 'page not found' page.

【6/7】 Minor fixes for broken image links, added link to spacehey blog and more piccrews on about page~

【5/21】 The kinlist page is up ! (it is still a WIP)

【5/07】 The about page has been spiffed up and publicly added :3

【4/30】 I made site buttons !! you can find them down there on the left column teehee

【4/29】 changed the directory buttons to text so that I have more room to add things as the site grows (I also just think it looks nicer)

【4/20】 added the self insert webring teehee !! <3

【4/17】 fixed the whole 'things get squashed when zooming in/out' issue and also added lots of radical graphics B)

【4/07】 omg there's a marquee of stamps now how ~funky~

【4/06】 readded skipper and visitor counter, also added chatbox (yay!)

【4/05】 site overhaul, redesigned everything


🎵 add music player to site
🔗 finish pages for side column links
✨ add an area for draggable stickers
💕 scan and add business cards